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A 5/5 Xbox Series X|S must-player brings a serene new experience to Game Pass

Ah, Game Pass. The Xbox subscription service that has taken over the world is ripe for new gaming adventures. And every now and then we discover new games hitting Game Pass, some of which are absolute must-players. That’s the case with the latest addition – available now. This is a 5/5 must-player!

Why play through Game Pass?

Xbox gamers should know all about Game Pass. Not just because it’s seen as the ‘Netflix for games’, but because it allows anyone with a subscription the chance to take in all-new gaming experiences. Whether you pay yearly or monthly, prefer to consider Game Pass Core, or slam it for everything it has, we’d say a Game Pass sub of some kind is a necessary addition to the Xbox eco-system. 

For the hype to keep real, it’s the constant influx – and the outgoings – of games that help Game Pass with its push. With Starfield on the horizon, and a host of other games dropping in through September, the first addition for the month is a game you should not miss. In fact, we reviewed it earlier in the year, dropping the big 5/5 review score in the process. 

That game is GRIS. Go and download it right now and then play it for all it’s worth. 


So what is GRIS? A platforming adventure from the Nomada and Devolver Digital teams, GRIS hit Xbox at the back end of 2022. We reviewed it as one of our first titles of 2023, just after taking in the hours following the life of a young girl, Gris. 

It’s a game that promises frustration – and death – free gaming. A serene, evocative experience, you’ll get to slowly work your way through the new world that Gris finds herself. And you’ll do it by taking in the surroundings, attempting to understand what they bring. See, this is a game with no text, with just the most simple of control reminders pushing you forth. 

Why did we give GRIS a 5/5 in review? Well, our concluding statement pretty much sums up what you need to know…

Playing GRIS for the first time, in its Xbox Series X|S format, has been an early 2023 highlight. Its reputation preceded it, so it was never going to surprise us. But we didn’t expect to connect with it as much as we did. What a meticulously crafted platformer it is, and what a fantastic example of Xbox Series X|S prowess it is too. Clear the room of distractions and play it in one go if you can.

Sold? With GRIS now on Game Pass, you’d be mad to miss it. Go and hit up the Xbox Store, grab a download and get playing. We’d advise going all-in with the optimised Xbox Series X|S version, but you can play on Xbox One too. 

What’s next for Game Pass?

Yeah, September is here and that means Starfield is coming to Game Pass real soon – the 6th September in fact. We’re sure you’ll get lost in space with that one, but there are other Game Pass goodies coming soon too. Lies of P hits on the 15th, just as multiple games will leave the service, with PAYDAY 3 coming shortly after. 

There should be more too, but for now, it’s all about playing GRIS through Game Pass. Do. Not. Miss. This. One. It’s probably one of the very best games on Game Pass.

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