یکشنبه, دسامبر 3, 2023

Are You Happy with Your PS Plus Essential Games for October 2023?

The initial reveal of the Callisto Project really grabbed my interest but as more and more game-play came out, the less and less interested I became. After seeing the reviews and some more game-play after it released, I had lost all interest. Now I can play it via PS+, I don’t know that I will bother trying it – not with a backlog of games I really want to play.

Weird West looks interesting – not sure if its my type of Game-play, but of the 3, its the one I am most likely to try. However, I have no interest in Farming Sim at all.

In terms of PS+, I guess its not bad but for me personally, it feels a bit ‘meh’. Nothing I’m excited for and/or can’t wait to download when they become available to play.

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